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Fainting and anemia.


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Hi, all. 

I have been anemic since having/treating cancer. Sudden fainting with no recollection of events seems to be a part of it. So far, I've broken four metatarsals and y'day took seven stitches to the back of the head in three hours at the ER. I've strained a knee and been worked up so many times for it with no help.

The one thing I look at is my hemoglobin. It has been ages since it was normal and now, on chemo, had dipped to 7.4, requiring a transfusion of two pints of blood the week before last. HGB went back up to 9.4, but y'day when they checked it, it was back down to 8.5. Normal for my age range is a minimum of 13. I actually felt pretty good with the transfusion. 

Have any of you had a similar problem?



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Now I have something to add! I also have had three episodes similar to what you describe.  I had a long conversation with my wife and a friend, middle of the day, and I do not remember any of it.  I have also had two bad falls...I'm lucky I didnt crack my head open on one and messed up my right knee on the other (which I have been trying to tough out but dont think I will be able too).

I have low red blood counts as well but not as low as you...but I havent had a blood workup since Chemo stopped.  I have been planning on getting it done after my meeting with the onc.  I assume he will approve it.

Another strange thing (to me) is I have felt worse since treatment finished.  My feet swelled up two weeks ago and it lasted for over a week.  I have had at least one bout of vomiting every week for a month.  I also feel weaker (which maybe is not eating enough). When I do eat it always feels like it gets "stuck" somewhere and my stomach is always distended.  Some of these symptoms have been around a long time but I blamed the surgery, the chemo or the radiation.  But what do I blame now?

Anyways all of the above will be discussed with the onc tomorrow. Will see what he says.



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Boy, Glenn, and Tom, too, you've really had a rough time of it! Sorry to hear that!  When I had chemo (for a non-lung cancer), I had anemia (hemo under 8). I was weak and had no stamina, but, thankfully, I never fainted or fell. I finally agreed to a transfusion (I'd been resisting it) and afterwards I, too, felt much better.  8.5 is still pretty low. Are you going to get another transfusion?

 Bridget O

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