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Keytruda Night Sweats?


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Has anyone on Keytruda had night sweats? I have had several lately and was wondering. They are particularly odd, in that I am not feeling hot, and I am in a cool room with a fan blowing and light bedding. I just wake up and throw the cover back and I find myself drenched! No fever, chills, or other signs / symptoms, either.

I have been noticing that my TSH has been slowly increasing over the past two treatments though, and I wonder if it could be a thyroid problem? I am up for my seventh infusion Friday.

Jul 31, 2020 5.88 uIU/mL  (0.5-4.67 uIU/mL )

Jun 22, 2020 4.91 uIU/mL

Jun 01, 2020 4.55 uIU/mL

May 08, 2020 4.74 uIU/mL



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PS I am finding conflicting information in regards to what is normal. The Cleveland clinic says  normal range for an adult: 0.4 – 5.5 mU/mL while the Amercan Association of Endocrinology says   0.27-4.2 mIU/L . And some thers even say over 10.0 mU/mL is indicative of disease?


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Hey Jack - 

Don't know about the Keytruda, but your TSH is high by almost all traditional standards, which indicates HYPOthyroidism.  In my experience (I have been hypo for 40+ years), you will normally feel cold when that occurs.   Surprised no one has suggested medication since that 7/31 reading.  When on correct medication (which has evolved over the years), mine stays around 1.0.  If it gets above 1.5, I start to have symptoms.  Thyroid is a touchy thing and a good endocrinologist will treat the patient, not just the numbers.  



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Hi Jack,

I had terrible night sweats on Keytruda, even though I only received one dose of the triplet.  I was more soaked than menopause sweats, I kept a change of clothes on the night stand to change into during the night.  Not a lot that could have been done except nap during the day from disrupted sleep.   Stinks!  

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My Onc said something about watching my TSH level awhile back. I think she said that since I wasn't having any issues or symptoms they preferred to watch it. I will let them know about the sweats. Thanks everyone.



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I pulled my TSH levels from my VA Medical records today to take them to the Oncologist so that she could get the big picture. I was surprised, seems I have been up and down since 2003.

TSH 3.97 High uIU/mL (0.34-3.77)

TSH 5.39 H   uIU/mL    0.34-3.77

TSH 7.83   High    uIU/mL    0.34-3.77

TSH 4.74 High uIU/mL    (0.34-3.77)

TSH 3.94 High uIU/mL (0.34-3.77)

TSH 3.87 High uIU/mL (0.34-3.77)

TSH 2.08 uIU/mL (.34-4.8) 

So after the PA at the center that was on duty postphones my infusion today because she wants to make sure my redned eye and three nights of night sweats earlier in the week isn't Covid 19! Oh joy....so, I mention the elevated TSH level and she says they don't look at starting therapy unless it is is 7 or more consistenly. smh I miss my Onc and her PA.

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Good morning,

This is interesting... I just restarted treatment yesterday with Carb/Taxol (which I’ve had before) and new to me Keytruda.  I haven’t had ANY kind of treatments since mid June.  I had terrible night sweats last night.  My cotton PJ top was soaking wet. I just checked my TSH level from yesterday before treatment and it is 0.90 which to me seems well within normal?  

I just hope this doesn’t go on too long.  I don’t have another treatment for 3 weeks.  

Take care everybody,


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Hi Jack,

Update...I was put on maintenance of Keytruda and Alimta 10 days ago.  I did not experience nights sweats until last night!  I didn't have night sweats when it was carbo/alimta/keytruda.  Still glad I don't have Carbo now, but I have noticed  there are  new  and different side effects (stomach cramping) with the Keytruda/Alimta dose.


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Gee, I wonder if Merck may have alterred the formula or something?  Or, more likely, these episodes of night sweats are not related to the drug at all. Oh well, I suppose, unless there is an underlying cause, like an infection or hormonal imbalance or something revealed, then it is just something to endure. I suppose maybe one who suffers this to the extreme, might be wise to pay a little added attention to personal hygiene, electrolytes, and hydration.


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