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Hi I am New I am. Lanny


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I am new to the group 

in 2018 I had Salvery duct carconima I had a 10 hour surgery in December 

2018 around my right ear & neck they had to close my right ear up 

on my last Pet Scan & Ct it showed my lymph nodes on the right side in

my neck wear enlarged & was going to have surgery 

I got a call from the hospital that the surgery was cancled this newest 

Ct scan showed Cancer in my right lung going to see my Oncologist 

next week so no worried it could spread more




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Welcome here.

I completely understand your worry. Am I right in understanding you are scheduled to see your Oncologist next week? Here is a link that has some suggested questions you might want to ask to understand the diagnosis and treatment options. 

Stay the course.


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HI Lanny

  Welcome !  Sorry that you are here but I do hope you'll find encourage and support from the members.  LUNGevity and it's members have been an amazing support system for me.

  I am a 5 1/2 year Stage IV Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Survivor who is doing well.  I wish you the very best and know the early days can be tough.  Once you get through the testing and biopsy, and can start a treatment you'll feel better.  I do HOPE you'll find a wonderful Oncology team and also consider at least one second opinion.   

  Take care,  Lisa

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Prior to my 2019 lung cancer diagnosis  I had surgery to remove a section of my colon because cancer was discovered.  That was 2010 and my colon cancer has never returned. The lung cancer they discovered I had in 2019 was not a recurrence but a new growth that was “primary lung cancer cells”.  

    After ten years I’ve never had a recurrence of the colon cancer and a year and a half after my lung surgery I am still NED (No Evidence of Disease).  

    My point is that there is a great chance of survival, especially compared to even a few years ago.  So please stay as calm as possible until you have you full diagnosis and know that even if you have LC, it’s not the death sentence it used to be.  Stay strong.  

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