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Recent diagnosis - recommendation for cancer center in south Florida

Yury A

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My father was diagnosed this past week, with stage-4 adenocarcinoma, including ~6-8 brain mets (so anticipate some radiation/radiosurgery to be included in overall plan).
Does anyone in the forum have strong recommendations for/against specific cancer treatment centers (and comprehensive oncology teams) in south Florida area, e.g. Mt. Sinai/Miami; Memorial; Holy Cross/Bienes; other?
Kind Regards,

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Hi Yury, 

I'm very sorry to hear about your Dad's diagnosis, I know it's especially hard do be a caregiver from a distance.  I'm originally from Jersey, went to grad school at Rutgers and like many northerners lived in South Florida for seven years (Pembroke Pines).   Generally here on this forum, we're not able to recommend specific doctors.  What I would do in your position is too find out what type of cancer your Dad has, this is a very steep learning curve.  Adenocarcinoma has many different sub types that can only be determined by something called biomarker testing (also know as comprehensive panel, molecular testing, genomic testing or oncogene testing- all means the same thing).  

Once the cancer's sub type has been established the key is finding an expert.  My Uncle lives in Palm Beach and was recently diagnosed with lung cancer.  His diagnosis was a lucky and just had surgery a few weeks ago.  He elected to go to the Cleveland Clinic. (That's a real haul for your Dad). A couple of things you can do, contact the Lungevity Help line and the Go2 Foundation's Lung Match Program 


Many patients with Stage IV disease elect to get a second opinion from a major cancer center (also called a NCI or CCC).  There is a major Comprehensive Cancer Center in Tampa, Moffit.  While that's a big drive, it might be worth an evaluation after all the diagnostic testing is complete to determine who they would recommend locally.  Major cancer centers often design treatment plans that are managed locally.  

Keep us posted, keep asking questions, you're in the right place. 




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Hi Yury: I live in Orlando and choose to go to Moffit in Tampa.  While this is not a recommendation I like the fact that they have tumor boards that make collective decisions plus I can have a CT scan, a blood test,  and oncologist visit and a chemo infusion all in the same day. When you have cancer, you need to make sure to look for convenience in addition to efficiency. Once I was established and began treatment, I travel to Tampa just once every 3 weeks.. Everything else gets done on the internet or by phone.

It sounds like you are in Miami where you have Mount Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center.  See if you get similar service from them as  I described. 

Good luck.

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Michelle/Gary, thank you both for the quick response.
I completely understand and respect not giving recommendations (or criticism) in this public forum, as patients' experience varies and is affected by outcomes.

I flew down to FL last week, and have the work flexibility to remain here as long as needed. His initial diagnosis was at local facility close to home (Bienes/Holy Cross).
I am in contact with several cancer centers locally (Mt Sinai CC/Miami; Miami Cancer Institute/Baptist Health; UMiami/Sylvester; Good Samaritan/West Palm), as well as Moffitt in Tampa.

My goal and preference is to find a comprehensive team (medical/radiation/thoracic) of oncologists in a single facility, which also offers leading edge technologies (like Gamma Knife radiosurgery). If anyone has specific advice, which is better suited for direct communication, my email is yashkin(AT)hotmail.com

Thanks again, in advance!

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2 hours ago, Yury A said:

My goal and preference is to find a comprehensive team (medical/radiation/thoracic) of oncologists in a single facility, which also offers leading edge technologies (like Gamma Knife radiosurgery). If anyone has specific advice, which is better suited for direct communication, 

You are on the right track already. A perfect blue print of what you are looking for is explained on the Moffit lung cancer page https://moffitt.org/cancers/lung-cancer/ and I am sure you will find the same information on MD Anderson Lung cancer page as well as other reputable cancer center. 

Reading that page will guide you and save a lot of time but if you still have questions we are here for you.

Again please do not take this as an endorsement of any kind. 

Good luck!

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