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Find a Cure Panel Research Study for Early Stage NSCLC

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Find a Cure Panel specializes in patient research for rare and serious diseases has some patient research for early stage, non metastatic lung cancer. Non small cell. NSCLC

•    Patient research for early (non metastatic) lung cancer - NSCLC

•    Participants must have had some surgery as an initial treatment.

•    They will take participants who have surgery only or surgery and chemo.  But NOT radiation.

•    They are also focused on people who have received treatment in the last 5 years.

If you are stage 4 and /or have had targeted or immunotherapy then you will NOT qualify.  As stated, this research focuses on earlier stage NSCLC.

This research is online only where participants log on at their convenience over 3 days to answer the posted questions.

You will be incentivized for your time to participate.

If you're interested in participating, please contact FACP at info@findacurepanel.com and reference FACP/NSCLC

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