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So I had my head examined...


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... and they found nothing, lol. I saw that my brain MRI results were posted and I couldn't resist looking. Thankfully, there was nothing scary in there. I'm not really up on my brain terminology, but googling some of the incidental findings makes it sound like the few "abnormalities" they found were pretty typical age-related-type things (mild loss of volume, etc.).

But no acute abnormalities, which is what I wanted to hear. I'll take every scrap of good news I can get!



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Glad to hear you have a brain and there's nothing abnormal about it!!!

My mom found that she had a benign tumor in her brain when she had a brain scan after a car crash, probably there since birth.  For the longest time, anytime she made a mistake or forgot something, she jokingly blamed it on the brain tumor.  That joke went on for a couple of years and we all got a good laugh at her expense!

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