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Postponing Immunotherapy


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My dad was supposed to have his Tecentriq infusion on Monday, but they had to push it back because he’s still on dexamethasone (steroid) for inflammation due to the brain Mets. Apparently the steroids and the immunotherapy are not helpful if taken at the same time. I’m really nervous that pushing back the immunotherapy will set us backwards. His onc told him that she is not concerned that this will set him back, but my anxiety can’t help but make me crazy. Anyone have any experience with having to hold off on certain treatments due to other treatments taking place? 

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Olivia - in my mom's 1.5 years on immunotherapy, she had several pauses in treatment and nothing negative happened, the longest being 6 weeks.  The actual drug remains active longer than the time between each treatment (for Keytruda, the drug is given every 3 weeks and it is found that the drug is active for 24-28 days).  However, just because the drug is no longer active does not mean that the immune system is not still in overdrive and not doing its job.  It's been 2 years since my mom's last immunotherapy treatment and she is still having issues related to an overactive immune system that docs are not ruling out as a cause of immunotherapy.

Take Care,


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I was also an immunotherapy patient  who a few breaks and it never had any negative effect on my outcome. I had a great response, now Stable and off all treatment for over 4 years.  I was also on Dex for a brain met and it's a drug you need to very slowly and carefully taper off of and it's also true that it's been NOT a good idea to be on  Steroids with Immunotherapy, unless they are needed to deal with a side effect and that's mostly severe issues and typically they would use Predmisone!

   Best wishes!


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