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I’m looking for cancer healing guided meditations or visualizations. I found a few on you tube that I like, but other Internet searches led me to very, very few. Does anyone have any recommendations?


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Hi Christy,

Heres a couple:

Insight Timer (free app with lots of music options)

Good old fashion CD by Candace Pert Psychosomatic Wellness or Bellaruth Naperstack. 

Candace Pert was “way back” in the 80s pre internet.  It was recommended by my Integrated Oncologist.  

You can also try Andrew Weill’s CD however it’s a little on the woo woo side.  

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You may find Tong Ren Station anti-cancer classes to be quite mind-blowing, especially when you hear of survivor's experience.

Tom Tam started this and now it's world wide.



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