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FANTASTIC!! It actually sounded to me, all along, like it was just a screwup on somebody's part. I'm glad it didn't take weeks and weeks and a ton of your valuable time and money to straighten it out. 

So glad you won't have to reschedule everything. 

Good job!!!

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Thanks everyone!   It was not easy but I am very persistent and was not about to give up.  I've waitrf a long time to have this surgery done and did not want to have to put it off and worry about Covid cases rising as we move closer to Fall and Winter.    

Wish me luck -- I'm looking forward it being over, to be back home and on the road to recovery!    Covid is making me anxious too, but as of now, we did not have ANY new cases in our area this week.  This is the safest time to have surgery and they are very strict.   Patient's can not have  anyone come in with them and my husband has to drop me off at the main door.   We call a number from the car and a transport person will bring me to the Surgical Unit.  He can't even bring me in or go any where near that area.    If all goes well and I get into my room by mid afternoon, they may allow him to come for a one hour visit.      As of now, "some" patients can have one visit per day. person only for one hour max.  They need to be approved in advance and go through screening before they can enter.     Until recently patients were not allowed any visitors. at all.    The Surgical Unit and all the Surgical patient Room are in a separate building from the unit that has Covid patients and as of now there are only two admitted Covid patients at this hospital.   Both are recovering and neither is in ICU.    Hoping for NONE when I'm there, but luckily it's only for one night (if all goes as planned and I'm optimistic)  Last time I had to stay four nights....!  

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