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Feeling better


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Hi everyone, The heading may be a bit of a stretch. I went to the Onc today. Explained about my cough, SOB, lack of energy. (He did say I need to call in the future.....um I did 10 days ago). He sent me for  CT scan. I have radiation pneumonitis which explains the cough etc. He prescribed Prednisone as well as an antibiotics. (Radiologist saw signs of a slight infection). So at least I know what's going on and can get started treating it. 

I'm also apparently low on everything - BP (not new), iron, calcium and protein. The protein surprised me since I drink a protein shake every morning as well as eat meat and dairy. So now its Ensure and Caltrate for me.

Thanks for being there for my earlier rant. You were right @Rower Michelle.


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