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Finished 3 rounds of Chemo and Immunotherapy... but now yet another issue. Seeking advice


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Hi everyone! 

I have posted on this forum before and it is a savior with all the advice and support being received. I am so grateful for the entire Lungevity community as I sought for support and experience stories that help me stay strong for my mom’s personal battle with stage 4 adenocarcinoma. 
She has just complete her third round of a combo. of chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Tumor has significantly decreased and she does feel a lot better. 
As for the brain met, the chemo has not affected and it has grew. It is in the right temporal lobe of her brain. They at first suggested radiation and have said it was going to be one round to get rid of. Now they are suggesting surgery????? 
Usually the doctors would speak to me regarding my mother’s health and plans, but this time they told her. I have been trying to reach him all day to have more concrete details. But any advice whatsoever would be greatly appreciated! 

Thank you all so much, from the bottom of my heart. 

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I'm sorry that I have no solid experience with Brain Mets so I cannot help you with your question on whether or not surgery is the right way to remove the tumor.  The good news is that there will likely be somebody here who can share some experience or knowledge with you.  Best of luck going forward with your Mom's treatment.


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