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3 Rounds of Chemo/ Immunotherapy... Need advice on new issue


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Hi everyone! 

I have posted on this forum before and it is a savior with all the advice and support being received. I am so grateful for the entire Lungevity community as I sought for support and experience stories that help me stay strong for my mom’s personal battle with stage 4 adenocarcinoma. 
She has just complete her third round of a combo. of chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Tumor has significantly decreased and she does feel a lot better. 
As for the brain met, the chemo has not affected and it has grew. It is in the right temporal lobe of her brain. They at first suggested radiation and have said it was going to be one round to get rid of. Now they are suggesting surgery????? 
Usually the doctors would speak to me regarding my mother’s health and plans, but this time they told her. I have been trying to reach him all day to have more concrete details. But any advice whatsoever would be greatly appreciated! 

Thank you all so much, from the bottom of my heart. 

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ashnnazila:  Great news that the treatment reduced the tumor in the lung. 

As for the surgery, does your mom want you to be the decision maker? In that case why don't you seek a  second opinion if you are not concinced,

Best of luck.

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Ashnnazila, please discuss with your mother how she would like to proceed.  Go to doc appts with her is your able.  Ask the doctor any questions you may so you can better understand what is going on and what options they have discussed and have available for her.  I know when my father was going through cancer for the second time (12 years later) the docs spoke directly with my father even though I was in the room.  I happen to be at one of his medical appts when they were asking him questions about how he wanted to proceed for treatment. My dad was so overwhelmed with the fact that the cancer had come back that he was not really listening to anything else the docs were saying to him at that moment. The docs wanted a decision on how to proceed right then and there, I asked dad if he was ready right now to answer this question and he was not he wanted to think about it before committing to treatment again.  

Additionally, You may want to research and inquire about a procedure I read about "gamma ray knife"  for brain tumors.   

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What is the best approach to eliminate brain mets in lung cancer treatment? In a general sense, it depends. There are of course many factors to consider. But, precision radiation for small tumors seems to be the more common method. Consider that both surgery and precision radiation or cyber surgery are both very capable ways of eliminating brain tumors. The key advantage of cyber surgery is avoiding the risk of brain surgery and the trauma of recovery.

If it were me, I'd be asking the doctor advising surgical treatment why the change in approach.

Stay the course.


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