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First week of treatment complete


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I started treatment this week. Four days of radiation and one day of chemo. Carboplatin and Taxol. Benedril, steroids and anti-nausea drugs first. The labs showed I went in healthy,that's one of the reasons it was difficult to accept the need for treatment. And yet the doctors said if I waited, the cancer was aggressive and we'd be looking at a far less chance for a favorable outcome. So onward into the battle I go.

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Glad to hear you made a decision.  Also glad to hear that you decided to fight.  There is just such a good chance that you can beat this thing.  Please hang in there and keep us updated as you go through this.  We have so many folks here in our family who have had similar treatments that you should be able to get just about any question answered that you come up with.


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Thanks Lou,

The doctors tell me it's going to get worse before it gets better. The first day of chemo was a long day. Radiation at 8:30 AM, Chemo doctor consultation next, began chemo prep at 10:30, finished chemo a little after 3:pm, picked up nausea prescription, went home, checked my transmission fluid only to break the shifter cable. At least I broke down in the parking lot. Seems like I'm playing "Whack-a-Mole" lately. 

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Ow, that is adding insult to injury!  If it's any consolation, I spent the last two days hanging out at the local tire shop because a moment of inattentiveness (chemo brain, perhaps?) had me off the edge of the pavement just in time to hit a nasty pothole, which bent two rims.  I guess I should be glad they could be repaired rather than replaced but, $300 and several hours of sitting later, I'm not feeling all that grateful right this minute.  It wasn't the birthday/anniversary gift (both tomorrow) I was expecting 😉  Hope your cable is an easy fix!


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