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Scared of the unknown


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My mum is doing incredibly well. Apart from immunotherapy side effects which are normal, her doctor said that her response to treatment has been excellent. She went to the hospital on Friday about the steroids for her inflammation from immunotherapy- she saw another doctor who on the team who confirmed that her scan was excellent and she couldn't even see the tiny remaining bit of tumour. She said that such a good response so soon isn't common and that my mum's exemplary.

This is fantastic but fears creep in the back of my mind. What if my mum is NED and then the cancer comes back as small cell? Small cell lung cancer is a death sentence, even in the limited stage survival is less than 2 years. There's been little progress with small cell. Is there any risk for people with squamous cell developing small cell as a secondary cancer. I know that small cell is most heavily associated with smoking. My mum is a former smoker and she quit 14 years ago. I think she's had the odd puff during those years and she used to inhale my sister's in law's smoke, but my sister in law luckily gave up about three years ago. 

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