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We can certainly come up with one!  Generally we simply say WAITING SUCKS.  

So along that line... WUCKS??   Open to suggestions.....

I hear you loud and clear.  I’m due for labs tomorrow at 1pm... results with doc on Wednesday, never know when something screwy is going to pop up.  

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How about immunocrazed? It is a crazy process that leaves one dazed. So it could be immunodazed! Maybe that is better.

Immunodazed: the combination of feelings, maladies, and emotions experienced while enduring recurring immunotherapy treatments along with all the nasty accompaniment (blood tests, mouth sores, steroid intervention and so on).

Stay the course. 


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I experience something similar.  When I pull up to the hospital I begin to feel nauseated, but I try to ignore it and march ahead for the labs and treatment.  I have my 7th treatment tomorrow at 8am.  Will be taking the steroids today so I'll have the whole house cleaned by the end of the day!  

Has anyone had this happen?  I was looking over my labs and noticed there was no result for TSH last time.  I wrote a note through the portal and the nurse replied, "We're sorry, but it wasn't done."  I said that I thought it was protocol and to please make sure that it was done each and every times.  Her reply, "We'll do our best."  WHAT?  I'm going to discuss with the onc tomorrow.  Why is it that we have to track everything?  I mean we have enough on our minds.  You can almost sense the anticipatory "immunodazed" state I'm in for tomorrow's infusion!




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Deb: Some answers do not make sense.  My favorite one is when they say "We are busy today" after making you wait  over an hour for infusion. Honestly one person told me that and I was the first appointment in the morning.  I found out one thing, cancer teach patience.  TSH is always tested in my case.

Since you are way ahead of me I have a question regarding blood tests. When I look at my record on line, the results are listed chronologically so I can compare the numbers from the first test to the last. Some of them are always red(out of the norm) like ANC, RBC, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit and few others. Did yours get back to the norm or improve now that you are on maintenance. My oncologist is not worried but I am curious.



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 I have seen an improvement in most labs and  most are in the normal range now- HCT  is at 35 now and HG  is still low at 10.6, but that's an improvement for me.  Platelets are normal now.  RBC is going up as well.  I'm not sure what ANC means.  MCHC (haven't looked that up yet) is still low - not normal yet and MCVB (haven't looked that up yet) is up (higher than it should be. 

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