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Feeling grateful


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My mum has a friend whose mother has a very rare aggressive form of leukemia which is untreatable- the only medication available is ridiculously and unjustly expensive.

My mum feels so grateful to be alive but it also got to her because ten years ago she wouldn't have had such a good prognosis. The doctors said that even ten years ago she would have been terminal but now the she's been given treatment with curative intent (I know Americans don't use the term cure but in the UK they seem to, well maybe it depends on the doctor) and her response to treatment has been excellent! 

I'm grateful that she's doing so incredibly well and has good prospects! I'm grateful to the advances in medicine and I want to volunteer for raising money for cancer research. Hopefully this will be the decade of breakthrough in treating and curing cancer.

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Gratefulness is a wonderful thing.  I'm so glad that your mother received a curative treatment and responded so well to it.  Enjoy her every day and any area you can be of service to another is one that will better your own life.  I am so glad for your mother's outcome.


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