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Bone mets appear to be stable since the last bone scan and we are thrilled!

Many thanks for all of your prayers.

Now Bill is deciding whether to stop chemo for awhile to radiate 3 of the bone mets which are causing him discomfort. I don't want to sway him one way or the other. I believe the Gemzar has helped him alot - but I don't want to see him in pain.


Praying for the best for all of us,


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Peg, so glad to read your post. Stable is great!!!!. I know that the pain in the bones can be pretty bad and no one should suffer with pain.

As you say, he had to make that decision. They probably will only give him 10 treatments and that is just 2 weeks and hopefully they can again start the chemo.

I am so so happy he is stable........ :D:D

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Peg that is GREAT news. Please give Bill a BIG hug from me, and go out and celebrate this good news.

I know how you feel about not wanting to stop the chemo, especially if it is working. Have you asked the onc about doing the chemo and radiation together? Keith had his radiation for pain in his shoulder at the same time as chemo, and other than some additional fatigue did not have any extreme side effects. If Bill is feeling strong, maybe he wouldn't have to choose.

I will be praying for the best for you both


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Dear Peg,

So very glad to hear the good news. Please include my prayers for continued good news. Sam had chemo and radiation at the same time in the summer of '02 but, as we are aware, cancer treatment differs with each individual. When dealing with this dread disease, it is hard to know what is best sometimes. Just hang in there and keep the faith.

God bless us all,


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Thanks everyone,

Bill has definitely decided to stop chemo to go with the radiation. Unfortunately he is not a candidate to do both together. He may even have to wait a week after the ten days of radiation to let his blood counts recover. He has had soooooo much chemo in the last year (see my signature for the details) that the doctor doesn't want to risk doing both together. So that will put a month between the last chemo treatment and the beginning of the round after the radiation.

As you have all said - it IS his decision. I don't want him to be in pain.

Thank you so much for your very kind words. You are definitely the best people in the world.


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