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Today, this morning I will make good on an appointment for my initial introduction to infusion. I am inspired going forward with a free choice to act on a leap of faith, in addition to realms of documents. Explaining results previously published for reference, on how this treatment can enhance my desired duration to richly enjoy life to the fullest.

This morning there was a report on the Oregon North Coast that razor clam harvest is open for pleasure. With the Wooki, at my side and open beach, low tide, and great weather, what an adventure to ponder.  Not to minimize the  very idea of fresh fried razor clams. Back to the plan for today. I met with my chemo C/P yesterday. An exchange of information about the 

chemo and treatment. One thing that got my attention was some of the symptoms. I was informed of possibilities. I may loose my sense of taste or loose the ability to distinguish one flavor for another. 

Those razor clams, wow, I can taste them now. Yet on Friday after noon. That could be another story. So I'm going to remember the moment of previous feasts.

Nutrition has to be paramount to good health going forward in this treatment process. Perhaps there is a break through in the eating disorders challenging millions of people.

Change the perception of taste. I am going to take on the task of turning lemons into lemonade. 

I am trying with all my everything to remain positive about this process and especially the hope that must be preserved to prevail.

Writing is an expression for sure, a place a time. It is my wish to inspire not so much myself, but others around me. A memorable moment of smiles, contentment with a strong measure

well being. 

We can travel a mile a minute. Many possibilities.


Good Morning.

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Dejay: Inspiring piece thank you. Welcome among us.   

There is a French saying that goes like this: Tout passe et repasse... Il ne reste que les traces, et même les traces s'effacent . Basically meaning nothing lasts for ever. After my first infusion. I lost my taste and appetite and with them a lot of weight.  I remember I was mad, discouraged and disappointed. Today my reaction is what's the big fuss? after my 4th infusion I eat well, I gained weight and my taste is back.   

You are way ahead of me because you figured it ahead of time. Loosing taste is just one stepping stone toward getting better. You are on the right track.

BTW I love Oregon North Coast

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I found journaling to be a very effective way to express my feelings. Now after almost 17 years of living beyond diagnosis, I often review my daily recollections to acquaint myself with details of the battle long lost in memory. Several years ago, I organized my journal into a book that I published. Writing (journaling) is a very effective therapy. Did you notice we have a blog section on our forum? You want might to start a blog to share your treatment experience and challenges with others. Here is mine for example.

Here is some insight I published on my experience with chemotherapy. 

Stay the course.




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Tom is so right about journaling.  I do it less than I should but it really helps when you are faced with challenges such as we, on this forum, face.  Stay in contact and let us know if we can provide any support.


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