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New to Board - Greetings All


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Hello! I've spent the last few hours reading this message board and it is filled with wonderful people.

My mother was diagnosed with SCLC in April 2003. She has been doing a monthly chemotherapy until January 2004. I am not familiar with her drugs regimine since my father is the primary caregiver. She had a mild seizure two weeks ago while my father was talking with her. He called her oncologist and a mri was performed. Mom's cancer has now spread to her brain. She is doing daily radiation to her head (M-F with a plan of 18 sessions) and weekly chemotherapy. A recent chest cat scan has shown shrinkage of her original tumor sites but two more spots have appeared.

It's been very hard dealing with this recent turn of events. We were all hoping and expecting that the chemotherapy would eliminate all of the cells and voila, we'd be done. Mom was diagnosed with Stage 2A colon cancer 5 years ago and shown no signs of recurrence so dealing with cancer again has been difficult.

I'm tired of doing research and wanted to read messages from people who have been / are going through this.


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Hi Carolyn

Welcome! You will find all sorts of support and encouragement on this message board. My Mum was diagnosed with Stage IV NSCLC in August of last year. It sure is one rollercoaster of a ride, but it is nice to know everyone is here for you.

Keep in touch. Let's hope for more shrinkage in the next scans.


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Hi Carolyn,

Sorry you have to be here, but you have found a great group of people with lots of support and information. I am sorry too about the sudden turn of events for your mom. That is the awful roller coaster ride of cancer. I pray the upcoming treatments will be successful for your mom. You are not alone, hang in there and don't lose hope.



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Hi Carolyn.

Hang in there. You'll find alot of supportive people on this board. Ask anything , anytime. If you have the time, and like to read, you may want to visit the archived forums at the bottom of the main message board page- there's tons of info there too. Take care, and keep us posted.

David P.

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