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Lin wilki

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Scans next week. I am coughing a lot and breathless a lot!  Pretty sure this is how I felt at the end of immunotherapy trial. 6 months in and lots of progression 

I know there’s other options but it sure gets troubling to keep switching treatments and having to deal with different or more side effects
Can only hope there’s a different reason for how crappy I feel!

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I had a terrible non stop cough to a point where I felt like knives stabbing me all over my upper body. That was after my first triplet infusion. I never took any syrup or other medication to stop it.  I had a positive scan later on and with it said goodbye to the cough for good. My thinking was that  my body was fighting cancer and getting rid of phlegm.  That was just a guess but hopefully the same happens to you. Please hang in there and don't get discouraged. 

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Positive vibes from here, too!   BTW, I had an increase in cough after my first triplet infusion, then it disappeared after the second.  Not sure that cough is a reliable indicator.  

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