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Where is my man Dean?


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If he doesn't show up in chat tonight for a bit or reply to your message, I'll call him. (Can't do it now, it's 6 AM in CA...if he JUST got to sleep, he'll reach through the phone and strangle me!)

Waitin' and watchin' for you, too, Dean...


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lt is so nice to see you again Norme.I know you are still grieving as all of us are over Buddy's passing.For you to be here now helping others is just amazing to me.I know that I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.You have been so inspirational to me and continue to be.Thanks a whole bunch.TBone

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Dear T-bone,

I'm going to take a WILD guess and say that our Dear Dean must be taking a little break from LCSC. I have seen him lurking on the board over the last few days, so I hope that means he's just reading and not up to writing. Maybe Dean will send you a PM letting you know he is okay. Hope so!!! It's always so wonderful to see how we ALL worry about one and other and look out for each other. Hopefully it stopped raining out at Dean's place and he is out enjoying his new ride in the good old fresh air with the sun shinning down on his happy face. I SURE HOPE SO!!

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I'm not sure about San Diego, but here in the LA area, we're due for some major rain. This morning I panicked -- The radio weather person said we were expecting "8 to 12 inches" of rain in a 14-hour period on Wednesday. The other announcer asked her to repeat that, because of course he thought it was a mistake, and darned if she didn't repeat it! :shock: So of course I told a few people... then I kept thinking, "That's just impossible." So I checked online, and it looks more like TWO inches over a period of 2-3 days. Ha! Bet the radio station got a few calls this morning! :?

Anyway, Dean and his scooter may have to wait until next week to get out again, and I doubt that's making him very happy at all. I hope he's read the posts from Howard... they made me smile, anyway.

So... it's Fat Tuesday and we're all depressed about winter weather, even here in LA. What is it Annie sings? "The sun will come out..." Not tomorrow, unfortunately... but next week? For all of us?

Dean, if you're out there lurking... I'm thinkin' about ya, too.


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