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Cancer in my life. But not my life


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I didn't realize it had been almost a week since I joined the family here. I had a heck of a time. Finding a pic I could use for my profile. I just couldn't swrink myself that small. Except one from IKEA warehouse a couple weeks ago.

Really don't know which section to post my Dr and God's problem in. I'm a young  66 yr with some other life threatening illnesses. I won't let interrupted my life. And now they say I have stage 4 lung Cancer. That has spread to my adrenal gland.  I think it's a plot to interrupt my 50 + yrs of enjoyment of a fine cigar and cigarettes,pipe,dip ECT.

Quitting these has to be the hardest thing I've ever been through. As I stated beforehand. I'm a very stright forward speaking person. I don't mean to offend anyone. But I do speak of God at times. And some say. How do you even know there is one. My wife has been married to me for almost 20 yrs. And not killed me yet. That's enough for me.

I use my phone for everything now. I mean we're not a bunch of old people. That have to have a big screen. Just because if like me? Wear tri-focals. Causes I can't fit a seeing eyed dog in my pocket.

Well this is a starting point. I've never been on a fourm as this. So, just let me know the information you need to help me and hopefully I can give back some in return. 

As with my wife did and still is. I started with MD Anderson and will be with them. Until either I or Cancer wins this fight. And I suggest, something or someone. Needs to tell Cancer to bring a twinkies and a big glass of milk. Causes this is going to be a fight until the end. And as I have seen from you all here. We refuse to go down easy.

Got carried away didn't I. Here's some info on my results. Have my first fighting orders. Starting this Monday with my team at MD Anderson. Will post out come. On how and what they plan to do with this problem I gave them. Like I told them. When they told me. It's you and God's problem. I got a life to live and enjoy with my wonderful wife and granddaughter.

Gene Cancer report

Endobronchial Biopsy

Lung, Right upper lobe

Non-Small Cell Carcinoma, favor Squamous cell Carcinoma with Focal Neuroendocrine Differentiation/Component

2 CM Diamator 16.3 Suv Pet Scan


CTGuided core Needle biopsy,smears &core

Right Adrenal Gland

Metastatic Non Small Cell Carcinoma Consistent with Large Cell Neuroendocrine Carcinoma

13x12 mm  8.3 Suv Pet Scan

Sorry for the spaces. Did a copy and paste.

I'm off to crack the tractor and putting a hurting on the field. It's been raining for 3 days. And now it's my turn. To cut it down to size.

God bless you all. Or whoever you pray too. Stay safe and never let anyone or anything take the enjoyment from you or your family life. Period !!


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Welcome Gene.  You are joining our battle and I think it is good to have the Lord on your teem.

I lived in Florida back in 1968 to about 1972 in Key West. My husband was teaching Sonar school

in the Navy.  I have survived Lung cancer ( my husband did not )   I hope they have begun your

treatments for the Adrenal gland and the Lung.  Please feel free to ask questions , talk for support and also

keep us posted on how you are doing.

Donna G

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Welcome here.

You've joined us and we don't need anymore information from you concerning forum membership. To help you with Monday's visit to your team at MD Anderson, here is a question you might ask.

Can you confirm I have a mixed form of neuroendocrine lung cancer?

The biopsy information you shared suggests you might have a mixed form of neuroendocrine lung cancer. Both samples showed metastatic properties (lung PET SUV = 16.3 and adrenal PET SUV = 8.3). Mixed form neuroendocrine lung cancer is rare. It is good you are seeking treatment at MD Anderson because they will be equipped to deal with this presentation.

Here is something I normally share with newly diagnosed folks. I would recommend your wife accompany you to Monday's appointment. Garden variety lung cancer presents a steep learning curve; a neuroendocrine form increases the slope of that curve. So it is a good idea to have a second set of ears to listen to the doctor's characterization of your diagnosis and treatment options. I might further suggest you ask your doctor if you can record Monday's session on your cell phone. 

If you are comfortable, let us know about the doctor's treatment recommendations in a subsequent post.

Stay the course.


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Hi and Welcome to the club nobody wants to join!  But a lot of us are glad we're here.  This is a goo place to find info and support. I seem to recall we'v had somebody else on this forum with neuroendocrine NSCLC, Maybe you'll hear from them. In any case, keep us posted and let us know what questions you have and how we can support you. 

Bridget O

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I was finally diagnosed with Large cell Neuroendocrine stage 3A after they removed my right lower lobe.

Have had a heck of a time finding much good information.  I was treated like it was SCLC with Chemo and radiation.  My last scans were clean. Next scans in a month. My onc hasn't treated many with this form.  Best I can determine is it is much more likely to return versus NSCLC but time will tell.

Wish I could add more but that's all I got. Best of luck.



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I enjoyed reading your post.  Your attitude and determination to beat this is obvious.  Tom gave you some good advice to work on with your treatment team.  For my part, (much as I love Twinkies and milk) I would suggest that you take care of your body with good food it will help your body to fight the disease.  But ask the questions you need to ask...as it sounds like you are at a good place for treatment.  In the meantime, you are now part of our family and we'll be here to support you so share as you are comfortable to do and ask any questions you may have.


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