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Update on Adam and wildfire insanity


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Hello Lungevity Friends!

The last week and a half has been quite a ride. We were evacuated from our home thanks to the Cameron Peak Fire on Wednesday, Oct. 14. We moved into a temporary spot in Estes Park (we are in Glen Haven 6 miles to the northeast), and had planned to move into a cabin at our YMCA mountain campus on Sunday, Oct. 25 if we were not able to return home. On Wednesday, Oct. 21, the East Troublesome Fire blew up across the continental divide from us and made a run from 19,000 acres to around 125,000 acres overnight and set up shop on the east side of Rocky Mountain National Park, of which Estes Park is the gateway town. So, in true 2020 fashion, the entire town of Estes Park was evacuated Thursday afternoon. That meant that we had the state's largest wildfire ever burning a few miles to our north, and the second largest wildfire about a mile to our west. Scary times for sure.

Adam had treatment #2 on Monday, Oct. 19 (he also celebrated his birthday on Oct. 17) and we knew the post-steroid crash would be coming on Thursday. It was rough going, but I grabbed us a hotel room through Sunday to have a safe spot for him to sleep for a few days. I work in emergency management for the Town of Estes Park, so I kept busy with that. We ended up having to switch his steroid because the Dex was giving him such awful hiccups that his diaphragm actually seized up a few times. Also, I do not love the crankiness that comes with steroids, but I'm learning to deal with it because they do help him a lot!

We finally checked into a vacation rental cottage in Fort Collins on Sunday evening and will be here until Thursday when we'll go back to Estes Park into another rental house until Nov. 13, or hopefully sooner if we can get home. The snowfall put a good pause on the fire, but it is not out yet, especially not in Glen Haven. So there is still a lot of anxiety around that. Fortunately, Adam responded much better to the treatment this time around. He even had an appetite and asked for a milkshake every day! The sleep still came and fatigue is still there, but it is a significant improvement. He plans to post in the forum and catch up in his own words, but I thought I'd share what's been going on. I guess one positive aspect of evacuating several times and dealing with stress and anxiety from natural disaster is that it takes up some space in the brain that was worrying about nothing but cancer nonstop. My goal has been to make sure he has a safe and comfortable place to rest and work, and everything else will take care of itself. So far, so good. 

When we received the earth-shattering (to me) news of his diagnosis on Sept. 2, it never would have occurred to me that the crisis would be compounded again and again thanks to mother nature. I'm so grateful for the massive snow we received, but I'd much rather be enjoying it from the cabin by the wood stove! I'm so hopeful that Adam can continue to recover at home, soon. It should surprise no one that he has been an absolute trooper. It's just what he does. 

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Thanks for the update.  Boy, you really are managing a lot all at once (Adam's treatment, work, fire, med changes, etc.).  Please make sure that take appropriate breathers for yourself.  Remember; it's your job to take care of Adam's caretaker.  

I look forward to your next update.


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