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General Lung Question

Judy M2

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In connection with my initial work-up with the World Trade Center Health Program, I had a chest Xray on Monday. It shows I have a "retracted left hilum". They thought it was due to surgery, but I've never had chest surgery. 

I haven't been able to find much on Dr. Google using the terms they gave me. Have any of you lung experts heard of this? 

Had my 3-month PET scan today and will mention this to my oncologist when we speak next week. In the meantime, appreciate any info on this condition. Thanks! 

UPDATE 11/9: I had a telehealth call with my pulmonologist today about my recent persistent cough. Asked him about the retracted left hilum. He wasn't concerned and said that sometimes this happens with lung cancer. And for my cough, try Flonase for a couple of weeks and see if it helps. If not, he can prescribe an inhaled steroid. But both he and my oncologist said the cough is not caused by cancer (yay!). 

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I know nothing about this other than what I looked up after reading your post.  Let's see if someone here has had experience and then can share that experience with you.  Of course you know that the best information can come from your doctor who should be able to explain what it is and what (if any) health implications it might have for you.  I'll be watching this thread with you.


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