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Incompetent doctor


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Does anyone have experience of this? My mum was having problems with her immunotherapy doctor. He was convinced that she had COVID even though she was tested negative three times! He was still convinced that she had it. My mum's temperature was high but not that high. He said the raised temperature could be the cancer. My mum and I were in bits.

Luckily, my mum was seen by a different and more competent, more senior doctor who will thankfully be seeing her from now on. He said that my mum does not have COVID and her cough and temperature is from the chest infection and her symptoms are mild and nothing to worry about. He saw my mum's scans and said that her lungs look really good and that the scans show no cancer. He said that it's rubbish that the high temperature could be caused by cancer. He said he's going to talk to this doctor. He seemed really annoyed about this doctor. 

Mum feels so much better mentally and physically after seeing this new doctor and she's at home now. That other doctor really got me worried about saying that the temperature could be caused by cancer returning. I don't think that cancer develops that quickly (her last PET scan was at the beginning of August) unless it's small cell which my mum doesn't have. 

Have you ever dealt with incompetent doctors? I'm so glad that my mum will be seeing this new doctor.

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What doesn't make sense to me is that he would at the same time be convinced she had COVID (which often causes elevated temp) and be attributing the temp to her cancer. That doesn't compute.

Assuming it wasn't simply an issue of communication, there are incompetent professionals in every profession (I'm a lawyer--we sure have our share).

Sounds like the senior doc will address this. Glad your mum has a doctor she's more confident in now. I didn't think my former oncologist was incompetent, but I have a lot more confidence in the one I'm seeing now. This is one more reason, BTW, not to get too carried away with worries about stuff that often, even if basically correct, might be misinterpreted by someone in the course of discussing it.


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Hopefully he will face serious consequences but it sounds like he will. I don't know why he was so convinced that my mum was COVID. He said it could be that or cancer.

The senior doctor said that my mum's temperature isn't worrying and that he said it's nonsense that it could be the cancer. He said from looking at mum's scan that the remaining tiny speck is inflammation and there's no cancer. The incompetent doctor said the other week that they think that speck is most likely inflammation. So many contradictions! The senior doctor said that what my mum is going through is a normal response from the heavy radiation that she received. 

Anyway how are you doing LexieCat? 

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I am so sorry that you and your Mum experienced this difficult experience.   Yes, sadly, not all doctors are equal and that's one of the main reasons it's so important to be an advocate for yourself and your loved ones.  Your Mum is very fortunate to have you there for her.

I'm happy she's now under the care of a new doctor and hope she's feeling better.   ANYTIME you are NOT happy with any doctor or medical professional, please speak out and always consider at least ONE second opinion.

It baffles me why this doctor was so insistent she had Covid after THREE negative tests??



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This doctor really scared both me and my mum especially by saying that the high temperature could be the cancer returning. This senior doctor said it's nonsense especially as my mum's scans were clear. I don't think that cancer can grow that fast unless it's small cell which mum doesn't have. The senior doctor seemed sure that the small remainder is inflammation not cancer cells whilst the other incompetent doctor wasn't sure.

 I looked up this incompetent doctor and he hasn't been practicing for very long. He's obviously studied for years but he's only been practicing for two years as an oncologist. I think as a doctor it's important to have experience and it seems like he doesn't have a lot of it.

I'm so thrilled that my mum is seeing this new senior doctor. He has twenty years of experience and seems to be far more knowledgeable. He also wasn't very happy about this incompetent doctor and said that he will be having a chat with him. In the UK when you say that you're going to have a "chat" with someone especially at work, it often means that you've done something serious. He seemed pretty furious. 


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