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Small Cell Lung Cancer - EGRF and Met Amplification

Lisa Haines

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   One of my NSCLC (EGRF+) cancer friends recently had testing done that showed she now also has the MET Amplification.   Additional testing followed and as of know she's since learned that it appears that her NSCLC has now "transformed" into SCLC.  (Not sure if it's Limited or Extensive).  Further tests are pending and she's obviously very frightened and concerned about what is next.

 We all understand how hard it can be to be in the  "awful" waiting game to find out ALL tests results and to know what her next treatment plan may be?  

  I'm asking if ANY of you with Small Cell also have EGFR with the MET Amplification and if so, what and how you are being treated.

  Thanks for your input.

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Lisa unfortunately small cell doesn't test for markers (that I'm aware of) and the treatment plans are basically the same for all.

If Limited (meaning still inside the lung) Chemo with concurrent radiation.  Possible immunotherapy after if remaining stable.   If stable for longer than 6 months, 1st line treatment can be repeated.

Extensive stage, immuno & chemo in combo.  Radiation mostly done on palliative basis (like bones) and brain.  Few make it to 2nd line treatment but there are a few other chemo drugs to try.  Best wishes to your friend,

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Hi, my dad also had EGFR turn into small cell. You can find my chronicle here. Dr used cisplatin/etoposide (chemo for small cell) + afatanib (targeted therapy for EGFR)  for 5 weeks then docetaxel (6 months)  and recently we switched to the recently approved Lurbinectedin for small cell. 1 round in it seems to be working (no more cough, dad can move around and do easy stuff). 



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Diane and Kwally3,

Thank you for the responses!   For some reason I'm just seeing them today - my apologies for the delay.

 Kwally - I have read much of the journal that you have shared about your Dad.  Thank for you sharing such detailed information.  My friend is still not fully diagnosed as far as all this goes.  .  She has had Stage IV NSCLC EGRF+ for about two years and also had some brain mets early on which were treated by SRS.  After they did the biopsy on the Adrenal glands that appeared to be SCLC.   She has since had radiation to the Adrenal glands and so far that seems to be the only area that is showing as SCLC.  She's not sure if it's Extensive or Limited at this time.  A recent CT Scan this week, showed that her Lung Cancer is Stable and they also did a new Blood Biopsy to pursue further information.   As of now they are optimistic that the radiation may have resolved the cancer in her Adrenal Glands and she's still on Tarceva for the NSCLC in her lungs.  It seems to be a very complex situation. They have discussed chemo, but are awaiting results from the blood biopsy.  From my best understanding her lungs are still NSCLC and only the Adrenals are SCLC?   Very confusing, but if she does learn more I'll encourage her to come here and read your journal.  

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