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Today starts our month. Forum members are all too well aware of lung cancer. This awareness is for others; for those who don't know or more importantly don't care. It matters not how we come to this disease. Once we have it, we are branded by stigma, and the stigma is a smokescreen! People think ours is a second class disease; "we deserve it!" "We gave it to ourselves!" Accordingly, policy makers believe research for new diagnosis and treatment methods is better applied elsewhere. Policy makers are lost in a smokescreen!

Ironically, because of the good work of our Foundation, we are breaking new ground in the lab. We've been driving the immunotherapy train the last 3 years; this new discovery is changing outcomes. Stage IV is treatable! There are people on this forum who are NED at Stage IV because of immunotherapy! A dedicated band of scientists and doctors have created a small wave of success. This wave needs to morph into a tsunami and engulf the smokescreen! Many of us are waiting and dying.

This month, we need to drive change in hearts and minds and reach those who don't know or don't care. We need them to become aware and do something that disperses the smokescreen. Do not miss an opportunity to tweak a policy maker. Some are elected, most are not. Uniformly, they are inoculated against change. They are hiding in the smokescreen. Overwhelm them this month! They need to be 'woke' to find, fix and finish lung cancer.

Gail (far left in photo) is cherished and remembered. She didn't run out of time or hope; she ran out of treatment methods.

Stay the course.



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Thanks for the "heads up" and the "call to arms".  I'll need to start to educate myself on the political machinery around healthcare for LC and then I'll start making some noise.  I can tell you that my new Oncologist is a fan.  When I told him what I learned on the forum and why I wanted to add him to my team he acknowledged our group and the good work done here.  

I'll start reaching out here in NC and see what is available nationally.



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