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7 weeks ago I was told I have radiation pneumonitis. I've been on Prednisone since then. Stopped taking Tagrisso until the pneumonitis is under control. Thursday, I had a CTscan. The inflammation is improving so I am starting to taper the Prednisone....again. Tumor has decreased about 20%, so no progression since I've been off the Tag. I was able to walk 6 miles with my group. I checked my Pulse Ox twice during the walk. It was 97 on level ground and 93 after going up a hill. Definite improvement!

I go back to work (remotely) tomorrow after being off 6 wks.

Back to the oncologist 11/13. Hoping things continue to improve. 


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I'm impressed...so glad that the pause did not have any negative impact.  Plus, it sounds like you are ready to rock and roll...Stay strong and keep on moving forward.


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