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Imfinzi/ Durvalumab Updates?


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Where do they find these names!

Perhaps I did not dig deep enough into the 2018 posts but, I would be keenly interested in any treatment updates with this immunotherapy regimen.

I completed chemo and concurrent radiation therapy last week and I'm hitting a new depth of side effects now. That said, I hope to regain some energy before my next treatment protocol scheduled for Dec 3. Once again, talking with the doctor about the possible side effects of immunotherapy can only be offset by the potential benefits. In many respects, I am fortunate to have doctors willing to spend the time with me and explain all the things that could go wrong during the treatment. It's funny when you think about it...no one ever tried to sell a used car this way!

I do know there was considerable excitement about this drug when it first came out. I would be happy to hear some encouraging stories from people here.

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