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muscle spasm pain

close to the edge

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had my left lower lobe removed on 2/9/04 released on 2/14 only to be readmited with complications from pain. Docs thought it was from the surgical site but i wasn't so sure about that. I kept telling them no its in the muscles of my left shoulder and back & thru my chest to my brest.

only after being readmited did they listen to me about the muscle spasams My question is has anyone else had this side afect from the surgery? I am worried that when i finnish the medications the muscle spasms will come back with a vengence. I am trying to keep mobile do yoga(what i can) to keep streached & supple & my mother is massaging my back once a day (Health insurance wont pay for massage therapy or at least as much as I'm going to need.)

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Before you diagnose yourself at the cost of all other options, think about nerve involvement. The surgery you underwent usually involves the severing of some nerves, and they can be pinched/pressured in the resectioning.

If you have muscles locked in spasm, see if you can find a pain specialist who does trigger point injections. That could help you ease off the spasms.

Fortunately time does help us heal.

Good luck.


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