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Pain from bone mets


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Periostitis is supposed to be shin splints. I used ice on my shins when I was a runner in high school at that would take care of that. It sounds like the cause of the periostitis by bone formation may be different but I guess ice probably won't hurt.

Most of the articles say that HOA is resolved with resection of the tumor. Since they can not operate, what are the doctors doing to decrease the size of the tumor. The cause of HOA is not known but one theory is that

1) Most illnesses associated with HOA involve alterations of lung function in which intrapulmonary shunting of blood may be prominent

2) paraneoplastic growth factors, hormones

Hopefully there are no bone mets. Read about Zometa, biphosphonates and COX-2. Sometimes biphosphonates are given prophylactically.


http://www.auntminnie.com/ScottWilliams ... plasms.htm

http://www.commentwire.com/commwire_sto ... re_ID=4758

Lytic bone metastases must be greater than 1 cm and have destroyed 30-50% of the bone density 3 in order to be seen by x-ray. It is also difficult to distinguish between metastases and benign lesions such as Paget's disease or osteoporosis on plain film. On bone scan, radiolabeled bisphosphonates are taken up by in areas of bone formation but not by the tumor cells. CT is more specific than bone scan and can distinguish between osteolytic and osteoblastic lesions. MRI is the most sensitive method of detection bone metastases because cells can spotted before local bone reaction has occurred.

Metastatic bone lesions can be described as osteolytic, osteoblastic and mixed. The osteolytic lesions are most common where the destructive processes outstrip the laying down of new bone. New treatments with medicines that may block bone lysis by tumor cells are currently in clinical trials. Osteoblastic lesions result from new bone growth that is stimulated by the tumor. Microscopically, most lesions are mixed.


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