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My dad’s small cell lung cancer


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My dad has pulmonary fibrosis and small cell lung cancer. The cancer is in his brain and we just completed 6 radiations. In 4 weeks we will know if it helped. We have to make a decision on whether he should have immune therapy or chemo for the cancer in the lung. I am so confused. They said he could get very sick with immune therapy especially since he already has pulmonary fibrosis as well. I don’t know what to do and we have to make a decision . The drug the doctor suggests is keytruda. 
I also have been doing some reading about immune therapy possibly could heal the fibrosis. 

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Ok, I understand your dad has fibrosis and a diagnosis of small cell lung cancer (SCLC). He's had radiation to the metastasis (we say met) in the brain. Six session suggest it was stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) or image guided radiation therapy (IGRT). These are but two of very effective precision radiation methods and I'm hopeful they zapped his brain tumor. I assume there is a primary tumor in your dad's lung. Since your dad's diagnosis is extended stage, your decision is between conventional chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Sometimes, they offer both together and this is termed combination chemotherapy.

Immunotherapy can be a very effective method for treating lung cancer. It is just starting to be used to treat SCLC. Here is more information about SCLC and immunotherapy. I've not heard that immunotherapy treats pulmonary fibrosis. I think, however, that immunotherapy would be easier on your dad's lungs  than conventional chemotherapy (I think but I'm not a doctor so rely on your doctor's thinking, not mine). Perhaps that is why his doctors are suggesting immunotherapy as his next treatment.

You'll have many questions as you support your dad's treatment. This is your go to place.

Stay the course.


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