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Mum is NED!!


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Today my mum went to this new senior doctor who confirmed that she is NED and has been since August. He said the tiny remaining area is inflammation and scar tissue from the heavy radiation. My mum will continue with immunotherapy as the doctor said that it will help prevent the cancer from returning.

I'm so happy!! My mum will be seeing this senior doctor from now on. Her previous doctor was awful and never gave her any answers. He made her feel more anxious. He seems very inexperienced (he's only been a doctor for 2 years) and thinks that he knows it all. He was convinced that my mum had COVID even after three negative tests!! He also told her that her high temperature could be the cancer returning which the senior doctor and another doctor confirmed was rubbish.

I'm also glad my mum will continue with immunotherapy. The new doctor really encouraged her to continue with it.

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