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Info Request For Egg Freezing While Under Treatment In Tagrisso


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Hello All good day,

I am Serpil (32), ı have lung cancer (adenocarcinoma) sinse 2017. First year i used Tarceva and it helps to remove 60-70% of cancer cells. Now I am using Targrisso within two years. The cancer cells seems passive and my treatment still continue. I went to the Obstetrician due to delay of the my period and ovarian reserve was found (AMH) 0,92 ng/ml. Is it possible to freeze my eggs. Did you perform egg freezing operation while treatment under Tagrisso?

Thank in advance 



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Hi SerpilC, I think you'd want to ask your oncologist and OB/GYN about this, and also Astra Zeneca. I'm on Tagrisso too but am 67.

The prescribing info advises against getting pregnant but says nothing about egg freezing. I hope you get the answers you need. 

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