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Still on disability?


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I went on short term disability from work shortly after being diagnosed with radiation pneumonitis. The initial estimate was 6 wks. There was some biweekly follow up and they changed it to 4 wks with a possibility of 2 more. I was notified that I got a 5th week. I didn't fight for the 6th. I went back to work 11/2. I received a text from Cigna on 11/2 basically saying, you're supposed to be at work did you go? I replied yes. Went into my HR site and verified my return to work.

Imagine my surprise today when I received a text saying I had been approved through March 26, 2021!  Of course, their concern was payment. Sorry, that's between you and my employer. I went back to work. 

I guess when I do file for LTD it shouldn't be an issue. Or is this the sign of things to come?

Happy Friday the 13th!


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Classic!   LTD will likely require you to file for SSD.  Other than the mountain of paperwork, LTD has generally had a lower hassle factor than health insurance.  Doesn’t hurt to have a very sharky attorney fill out all the paperwork.  They know all all the buzz words! 

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