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Putting faces to the disease.....


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Okay gang - check this out:


Where can we go with something along these lines?

(I'm ticked 'cuz Illinois is adding an .82 per pack increase to the taxes on cigarettes this week - not that I smoke anymore, but they sure aren't claiming it's going to research......!)


And by all means - if someone wants their picture off there, just let me know....right now this is just for private viewing anyway.

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Great job! Once you get the Ok from all the people whose pictures are on it, there has to be some way to get this out to the public via at least the internet--there is some way to get a web site to show up as a "sponsored link" on google.com--they show up on the right side of the page whenever key words are typed into the search bar.


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I certainly didn't mean to not include everyone.....the "poem" or whatever you wanna call it kind of just flowed out of my brain at 10:30 last night - and I quickly copied a bunch of the pictures from the board.

I will certainly go back and add those who have asked here to be included - and please post if I missed you too - don't be shy - I just can't go thru the entire directory of names, we've gotten so big!

I'll post later tonight when I've updated it - I think I'd like to see the pictures run down BOTH sides, which gives me a perfect chance to add more!


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I will talk to Rick about adding it to the main page, or heck, having it as a web site all its own that links back to LCSC.

Also, it would be very easy for me to take that page and put it on T-shirts if anyone is interested.

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