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Putting faces to the disease.....


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You know all those emails we all forward to each other? The ones that get forwarded around the world forever, until sometimes they're no longer even true? Let's do that with this!!!

If each of us could do like Connie and Ry did, and send it to everyone we know, and put something at the bottom saying to "pass it on," this one could do the same. Circle the globe until one day this disease is at least more often cured than not! Think how many people know or love someone who has or had lung cancer. I think they'd pass it on.

Should we also consider linking to a page that gives people a clear & easy way to "do something" -- a way they can get involved if they want to? Volunteer for LCSC to offer support to a patient, write to their congressional representative asking for more lung cancer research funding, make a donation, any other ideas?

Sandy, look what you've done! :shock:


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What a fantastic idea!! To see everyone all together is truely very powerful. Thanks for all the hard work. Being a computer dummy, I wouldn't have the foggiest idea on how you did it, and I wouldn't object in the slightest if you needed an action shot and wanted to use my photo as well. (as a fellow biker, I just love your new photo.) Take care, and keep up the good work.

David P.

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Sandy and KatieB,

Tee Taa and I would like to offer our assistance with the T shirt project. We have a good friend who may be willing to give us a good deal and she and I would be more than willing to handle the design, ordering, shipping, etc. That's the least we could do to pay back what this message board has meant to us these past 2 months. Let us know if you're interested in going forth with this and we'll start to work! But we certainly don't want to leave anybody out so we don't want to rush. However, there's plenty of preliminary work to be done so just say the word and we're off!


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I forgot to add Teacake's name to the volunteer list on the T-shirts. I haven't heard from her this morning (yet) but I volunteer her anyway. Don't worry, we do that to each other all the time! And when you get all of us working on something, you'd better be prepared for ACTION!


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Dear Colleen,

I am so sorry for your loss. I have no words to offer but please know that I am thinking of you.

I am sorry that my seemingly uncaring and abrupt post came right after your post but yours didn't show up until I had hit submit.

Please know that I have you on my mind and in my prayers.


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Hey, I'm in on the T-shirt ad campaign! Now that I've gotten rid of a personal albatross taking so much of my time recently, I'm good to go and will do whatever is needed of me.

Note to self: is this THE project we've been looking for?


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(Pecking along with one hand here)


VROOOM, VROOOM, baby! What a touching tribute to all of us in this LC family! How powerful to see us all together. I confess to a tear or two as I perused the dear visages that are no longer posting but are still beloved. Thank you for including the photo of hubby and me.

Would love to have a T-shirt. I really NEED one to wear to exercise class; it will help open dialogues about LC.

Great Ideas! You are soooo creative AND adventuresome!

Ride it like you stole it, girl!!


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hi sandy.sorry i'm late posting but i would be honoured to put my old

kisser on there with the rest of these strong people who i now feel are my close friends.thousands of miles and many borders can not stop feelings.

i would also be interested in tee shirts if it gets that far.o.k. thanks.great work.

mini george

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