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Question about symptom improvement - stage IV NCSLC


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I have a general question regarding stage IV. Mom mom's cancer (Adenocarcinoma) recently progress from IIIB into stage IV, and also recently started on Keytruda. I am hopeful it will help because 80% of her cells stained positive for PDL1, so the onc said its a good chance her body will respond to it (but I know its a possibility it won't).

I wanted to know if side effects such as shortness of breath, coughing, and chest/lung pain have a chance of improving? Or does it generally get worse over time for people with stage 4? Is it naive to think one day she might have a relatively normal quality of life? Months ago she was able to walk 1-3 miles no problem, now can barely do 1 lap around the block at slow speed.

We will be connecting with the palliative care team this week to see if there is any relief they can provide to ease her breathing and any pain that she has. 

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I’ve had every treatment but immunotherapy and all the adverse side effects your mom reports. These waned in me as treatment took hold. Ensure all are reported to her physician. 

Keytruda is a game changer especially with those with high PD-L1 expression. When it works, it provides amazing results. And when it works, I bet your mom out laps you!

Stay the course. 


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Hi Tom,


Thank you so much for your reply. After a week of sever shortness of breath, this morning we saw a small improvement in her ability to breathe. We will take these little wins as they come. Hoping and envisioning the Keytruda doing the good work!


Thank you again ❤️

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