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Newly Diagnosed

Jeffrey Lewis

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Good evening. This is not a group I ever envisioned joining but here I am. Noticed a twitch in my jaw and a subsequent CAT Scan found 2 tumors whihc have been surgically removed. During the evalaution a spot was located on my lung as well. Official diagnosis of StageIV NSCLC adenocarcinoma. Begin radiation treatments for brain lesions this week and awaiting test results to understand the treatment plans for the lung mass. While I am probably stilll in some level of disbelief I am am also very hopeful in terms of treatment and moving forward.

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Hi Jeffrey,

Welcome to our group.  You’ve described what many of us have experienced as this diagnosis almost always comes without warning and is a complete shock.  The dizzying early days of diagnostic testing coupled with the waiting, waiting, waiting for test results is agonizing for all of us.  

I was also diagnosed at Stage IV in September, 2018.  I can tell you these lung cancer treatments have really come a long way.  Initially the prognosis for me was quite poor with Hospital A.   I went to the only National Cancer Institute in my State where something called comprehensive biomarker testing revealed a game changer.   In August this year I heard the most unbelievable words- remission.   

This is the hard part for you now and I want to say hold onto your hope, brighter days are coming. 


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Hi Jeffrey and welcome to the group NOBODY really wants to be part of. But most of us end up being glad we're here. This is a good place for information and support. We'll be interested in what your biomarker testing shows. As Michelle said, ask us anything. And hang in there.


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Welcome to our group Jeffery. We all know the stresses of getting a diagnosis of Lung Cancer. I had no symptoms and my cancer was found on an pre-op chest x ray  for shoulder surgery that I was planning on having. Once the biopsy was done and I had an oncologist on board with a treatment plan I felt much better. 2 years later I  am now in remission. Don't lose hope. You never know what tomorrow might bring. Best of luck to you during this difficult time. Please keep us in the loop. Peace, Light and great scans to all, Claudia.

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Wow, brings back memories of when I got my diagnosis.  Shock, disbelief and even anger, but most of all I "catastrophized" and it was a terrible time.  You'll find a lot of good support here from people that have been through this as well.  Stay strong and ask any questions you have.  Regardless of the topic someone here will likely have had an experience they can share to help you.


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