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This year is shaping up to being an epic fail. My youngest son (22) has had a cough and a sore throat for a couple of days. He went and got tested but when he came up to chat (at a very safe distance) it was obvious he was short of breath and has a low grade fever.  Should have the test results within 72 hours. But its 2020...so do I really need to wait?

Today is my oldest son's Bday and we were going to have a nice sit down dinner. Now we will all retire to our designated corner and eat it alone. Thank God I have a big house and we have been essentially quarantined since COVID started. I'm not worried I have it (my wife is). More worried about my son.

But I can end on a high note. My brain scan came back clean!



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GREAT news on the brain scan!!!  And your son is in the 'indestructible' age range - betting he'll be fine.  Just chatted with our service advisor at the car dealer (we're friends, he and the DH are both Greek) and learned that he had had Covid earlier this year.  He's late 40's, out of shape and had hernia surgery this year, but still only felt bad for a couple of days.  🤞🤞🤞

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Thrilled to hear about the clean brain scan.  That is great news.  Hopefully your son will be okay.  Mine lives in Miami and had Covid symptoms for over a week before he finally got checked out.  He thought it was just a bad cold and then the flu...once he got treatment he was back home after a 4 day stay and is fully recovered.  I hope your son just has a cold, but if it is anything more, the sooner he gets care the quicker he will recover.


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