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Well, I applied for Social Security Disability Insurance and was fully prepared to be denied and I was approved!!  I can’t believe it.  I have heard horror stories of people having to appeal multiple times and obtain an Attorney.  I applied about 1 month ago and just received my email this morning.  It says I became disabled in July 2019 which is when I was diagnosed originally.  Sounds like I will get a check next month and if I’m reading it correctly back pay to January 2020?  I’m just excited I will get almost the same as my monthly amount would be if I we’re at full retirement age.  I’m currently 62.  This will certainly help ease my mind of withdrawing so much each month from savings.  

I highly recommend that everyone apply if you are currently diagnosed with advanced Lung Cancer.  I was originally diagnosed stage III and am now stage IV due to a local recurrence.  

Thanks to all for your stories regarding this.  It helped to encourage me to apply.



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Terrific news! Yup, I was diagnosed in July 2020, so no back pay for me and I won't get check until Feb (for Jan 2021). From everything I've seen/heard, Stage IV is automatic approval and it happens fast (though there's still the 5-month waiting period at the front end). 

Congrats--it will be nice to get that big check before the holidays!

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