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Happy Thanksgiving

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Wish you and yours a special Thanksgiving this year.  I'm always the chef on Thanksgiving and will be starting my prep soon. But with cancer and the pandemic it will be far from normal. But the menu will not be!

Since my son is riding out his COVID diagnosis it will be even more strange. Everyone will take a plate and go to their quarantine spot.  Maybe we could do a zoom Thanksgiving inside the house?

Just the four of us but I will be recognizing all who have supported us this year. Especially those on this board.

Hug your family if you can and have a joyous day.



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Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! Ours was canceled. My daughter was hosting, and her youngest was sent home from school Wednesday with a cough. A friend of mine is cooking the meal for her family and offered to bring my husband and I dinner. I'm getting better at accepting the generosity of friends and loved ones. She said I'd be doing her a favor by not making her eat leftovers!


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Happy Thanksgiving from me, too! I've lived alone for many years and always go to Colorado for Christmas with family, so I usually don't "do" Thanksgiving. In fact, the last several years I've ordered crabcakes from my favorite seafood place, just to enjoy a special meal. 

This year, though, my daughter is here (just for another three weeks). Back when we first locked down in April, I bought a freezer and one of my purchases was a turkey breast (before I had any inkling of cancer or my daughter's being here). Fortunately, that's the perfect thing for two people. So I'm brining the breast in buttermilk (NYT recipe), and will make my favorite cranberry stuffing, green bean casserole, and mashed potatoes. My daughter has promised to help peel potatoes (most tedious part of the job). I let her pick dessert and she picked up a pumpkin pie (not my favorite, but given my weight gain that's probably a good thing).

Hopefully by next year, we will be able to have a more traditional celebration (as well as more to celebrate). Stay safe, everyone!


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