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Met with my Oncologist on Tuesday. Blood looks stronger. Still anemic. Based on what I'd been told so far, I asked to have my port removed. He said no dice. There is still "suspicious tissue" in lymph nodes and in my neck and upper chest area. The new routine is a port flush every five weeks then a CT Scan, bloodwork, and a meeting with the ONC every ten weeks until further notice.

I guess it's his train and I'm just riding it.

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I've also been wondering how you are. I do think it is a good idea to keep your port in at this juncture.

Your mention of train prompted a memory. Is not Aliquippa the home of one of the famous "Short Line" railroads, the Aliquippa and Ohio River Railroad? I think this railroad was the namesake of the Monopoly game railroad called Short Line. I think it once connected a very large steel mill to the Ohio River to receive ore and coal.

Anyway, stay on the port train and...

Stay the course.


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@Tom Galli,

I checked with my father in law, who worked in the mills for 45 years and he doesn't recall any of the Aliquippa feeds where he worked connecting to the Ohio River Railroad. That doesn't mean it wasn't one of the other mills along the river. They're all gone now. Sad to see it.


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