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four lesions in brain - is there any point to radiation?


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Dad had seizures recently and was hospitalised. they gave him Manitol and Epsolin to control the seizures and asked for an MRI. The scan revealed that there are FOUR lesions in the brain!! Doctors say there is not much point to doing radiation esp. because they have already done radiation in one spot so cannot give it again. Dad wants it though.

He also seems much better since he cam back home than he has been in months! Is this an effect of the medicines? Doctors are saying he has 3 months at the most...but he does not look like someone who is dying...

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I am so sorry to hear about your father. My husband had 5 brain lesions found on diagnosis. He had 22 whole brain radiation treatments initially. About 4 months later, MRI found 3 of the lesions were still visible and continued to have some swelling surrounding them. He subsequently had stereotactic radiosurgery. (aka Gamma knife or X-knife) They were able to "zap" all three lesions. We were told that if he has a reoccurance that he could have this procedure again and again if needed. It is quite safe with a very quick recovery period.

Here is a website that can provide you with more information:


I hope this information helps.

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My sister just had Gamma Knife for her brain lession. They found another one when she went in for the treatment and they took care of both of them. The doctor said they could do up to seven at one time. Push for a second opinion.



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