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Tested positive for covid


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Well this puts the icing on the cake so to speak. Got on the bus was on my way to the end of the line subway stop that is indoors and I thought I could build up my strength walking as there aren't many people here. Got the phone call from my test on Wednesday as I has been more  short of breath and sweating and just plain tired.

This explains a lot,I just hope it doesn't get more full blown Am supposed to start with Immuno on Friday. I have been so careful with prevention too.

Say some prayers thanks.

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James, we will all be rooting for you through this.  I know a few of my LC friends tested positive for COVID, and fortunately all them pulled through without any complications.  We can pray the same for you!


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Not sure why I am just seeing this, but stay strong buddy.  The odds of beating this are good with today's treatments.  Do everything you can do rest, stay hydrated and follow doc's advice.


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Yeah, the good news seems to be that the lung cancer, according to available info, does not seem (in/of itself) to increase likelihood of severe symptoms. Being immunocompromised might make you more prone to catching it, but the risk of severe symptoms seems related to the same kind of co-morbidities applicable to others--COPD, diabetes, obesity, etc.

Hope you can check in with us soon. Some of us are moms, we worry.

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