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Good thing I'm back on Tagrisso


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I have been off any treatment for LC for 2 months due to treatment for radiation pneumonitis. I started feeling some pain above my right breast. I attributed it to being back at work hunching over my laptop and various stretches i was doing to alleviate that. Started back on Tagrisso the day after Thanksgiving. Friday, I saw the oncologist after only 1 wk. He wants to keep a close eye since Tagrisso can cause pneumonitis. It's a small percentage, but does happen nonetheless. Well, he felt something in one of the supraclavicular lymph nodes on the right side. A lump in lymph node in my collar bone on the left side is what started me down this road. I hadn't been able to feel it, but after 8 wks of no treatment, I could feel it again. So the pain could be related to that right lymph node. It was definitely a reality check. 

This stupid disease! 

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Oh, Jenny.... totally sucky... but glad you are on the road again.  I'm hoping the Tagrisso knocks it out.  These drugs can work very fast so hopefully you'll feel better soon.  Hang in there.   We're with you.  

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