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I just got rated 100% Service Connected Disability.  Also just found out I have a 4.5 cm solid mass lesion in upper left lung, large pleural effusion, and some enlarge lymph glands, Looking for information on how to get non VA specialist because my local VA facility does not have the facilities for lung cancer patients.I will be getting a biopsy this week and have the effusion drained.  Does VA pay for radiation or chemical therapy?

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I private message you an answer to your question earlier. For the benefit of others with the same question, here is the roadmap to obtaining medical care with non-VA health providers.

Your service connected disability status ought to dramatically smooth your path to civilian provided care for your lung cancer. One more arrow in your quiver is to consult with your congressional representative. Most have a professional staff member who have expertise in dealing with the VA and many are also veterans. Unusually, some VA centers provide more comprehensive lung cancer care than civilian cancer centers. (Many VA Hospitals are colocated with University Medical Centers). So you may want to consider treatment at one of these centers in parallel with non-VA provided health care.

Note also, we have VA physicians on our Lungevity Science Advisory Board and I can reach out to them for identifying a VA center of excellence for your treatment if you desire. Let me know how I can help. Thank you for serving our nation!

Stay the course.


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