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Scan day


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Congrats, Bridget!! What a nice holiday gift!

It might depend on your history, how long/often the scans continue. For instance, as someone with a long smoking history, I probably would have been eligible for annual screening scans for life, had no cancer ever turned up. 

Something else to remember is that even if insurance/Medicare won't cover it, I think it's only a couple hundred dollars out of pocket for a scan. So if it would keep your mind at ease, it might be worth the money to continue them on your own dime.

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Congratulations on being NED! I wonder if they would continue every two-to-three year scans? I suppose they don't want to expose you to any more radiation than needed. 

I think the name Slippers is adorable and you should keep it! I have two grey rescue Persians named Cinder and Ashes. I tried to attach pictures, but it says they are too big. Another cute name might be "Boots."


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