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When you were younger, did you ever....


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Funny how women and the aging process refer to the boobs...LOL

I remember way back BEFORE getting married wishing and hoping for "big uns"....

Now, I yearn for the days of not needing a crane on each shoulder for support and being able to run through the house/yard/whatever braless without risking a black eye!

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Some ducks have all the luck, Becky.

For me, Boobs are a pre cancer memory......

Last time I really had any I was still nursing Heidi, and she's 8.....

Actually that's a good thing, because with the prosthetic chest wall, I have one pointing north and one pointing north west.......

Good thing my surgeon was not especially a picasso fan, no telling what I'd look like today....


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An old woman's friends had died, her hair had fallen out, her husband was long gone, and she couldn't take care of her home any more. She asked her doctor how to kill herself. Doctor said, "Lift your left breast and shoot yourself." So she did.

It took four hours of surgery to repair her shattered left knee cap.

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