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Benign lymph nodes w/ SUV of 8.9?


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My mother's recent PET scan showed high activity of multiple lymph nodes on her neck (right side).  SUV of 8.9,  report reads "concerning for metastases".  She had a biopsy done, the results came back negative, not cancerous.  Really?  Is that possible?! (I had expected worse, this good news didn't cheer me up today:)

I couldn't find any answers on the internet.  Can you guys kindly help me understand the following from her report?  

-Findings: Interval resolution of the right pleural effusion.

-Impression: n the thorax, there has been resolution of the bilateral pleural
effusions and pleural disease. Scattered areas of mild residual
pleural thickening demonstrate FDG avidity less than blood pool.

What does it mean?  Does she still have pleural effusion (background: she had a lot in her right lung prior to taking Tagrisso).

Thank you very much as always!

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It says the effusions have "resolved". As I was just saying, pretty sure FDG uptake can be consistent with inflammation. I'd ask the doctor for an explanation, but it sure sounds good to ME.

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Just fir reference. The SUV pickup on my first Pet scan was 1.8. The scan prior to my surgery was 22. Not much help, I know, but maybe gives you a guide.



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